Sex: male

Coat: short/smooth-haired, and handsomely marked with a full white collar and a little white on his hips

Size: medium

Temperament: Crush has a fun, playful personality. He loves attention and playing with his littermates. He is well socialized with a variety of other animals and handled daily by children. I have started him on some basic training and he learns very quickly. He is responsive and willing to please. Crush should be great as a working stock dog, agility/frisbee/rally competitor, or family pet.

Registration: ABCA (American Border Collie Association)

Price: $350

Shipping estimate: $400 (varies by location, so please contact me for more information and availability)

VLG iPhone Jan 2018 108


VLG iPhone Jan 2018 109

Thanks for stopping by! Come on out and meet Crush soon 🙂

~Victoria Groves

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