ABCA Registration

I register all Tin Star dogs and pups with ABCA, the American Border Collie Association. Because ABCA specifically seeks to expand and promote the working and competing lines of Border Collies, ABCA does not recognize any registry that promotes conformation showing of Border Collies. The reason for this, is that Border Collies were originally bred to work and compete, and still carry that drive to perform at high levels. However, when bred for conformation showing, the herding/working instinct is often bred out of them in order reach the highest show potential. I agree with ABCA in striving to preserve the working dog and family friendly lines of Border Collies. Please visit for more information on registration and the American Border Collie Association.

As mentioned in the Pups for Sale page, ABCA registration papers and all breeding rights are included in the price of the puppy. After the entire litter sells, I will register each pup to their new owner and mail the registration paper to them.

Following are the registration papers (pedigrees) for my current dogs and the studs I use:

image2 (2)
Abby’s Pedigree
Ally’s Pedigree
Jack’s Pedigree
Hoss’s Pedigree

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