Sex: male

Coat: rough

Size: very small

Note: Kendrick is the runt of the litter, and will likely be permanently small. However, he has been bottlefed and raised indoors, so he is very well socialized and loves people!

Temperament: sweet, friendly, playful, curious

Price: $400


This sweet little guy is Kendrick. Although he is the runt of this litter, he has a huge heart! He absolutely loves people, whether it’s running around playing or just curling up and sleeping in your lap.
Because he was so small, I have bottle fed and raised Kendrick in our house, which gave him lots of extra socialization and attention! He is still about 1/3 the size of his littermates, and will likely be permanently on the small side. He did have some earlier delays in developing hearing and sight, but is doing much better now. He has been examined by my vet, and seems to be perfectly fine other than the slower development of his ears and eyes.
This special little guy really is a sweetheart, and would love to be a part of your family!

(Click on an image to enlarge)

6 Weeks Old
image image imageimage
4 Weeks Old
image image image image
10 Hours Old


Puppy Birth Announcement
Puppy Birth Announcement

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