Stud Dogs

Jack, owned by my brother, Jeremiah, is the main daddy dog of Tin Star Border Collies. He is 6 years old, and has fathered several past litters under the ownership of a friend, but has now joined the family here on-site. Jack has had some stock training from his previous owner and was doing well, but has retired from that due to a leg injury. The pups from Jack and Abby’s litters have all had wonderful personalities and gone on to become great dogs for their new owners.

If you are interested in using him as a stud, please contact Jeremiah at 918-527-0581. He is a great dog, and has produced many litters of wonderful pups!


Hoss, owned by Nathan Schmidt of Paden, Oklahoma, has fathered one of Tin Star Border Collie’s litters with Mary, and I plan to breed Ally with him next year. He is 3 years old, and a great dog with a sweet personality. Nathan has done some stock training with Hoss, and he currently works out on their cattle ranch.

If you are interested in using him as a stud, please contact Nathan Schmidt at 405-332-1435. I would highly recommend Hoss if you want a well-bred litter of gorgeous pups with great temperaments and abilities!

Hoss (Photo credits: Heather Watson)

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