Watch Them Grow

Although they go on to join new families, the pups I raise will always be part of the family here at Tin Star Border Collies! I hope you enjoy these pictures of past litters and updates from the new owners.

Abby and Jack’s 2014 Litter

Elizabeth, now “Liz”, is enjoying her new life as a working ranch dog!

Elizabeth (2014 litter)
8 weeks old
Photo Credits: Patty Porter
Photo Credits: Patty Porter
Abby and Jack’s 2013 Litter

Matthew, now “Eno”, loves his life as a family pet!

Eno’s 1st birthday! Photo Credits: Grace Kirby
Abby and Jack’s 2012 Litter

Carrie, now “Nevi, enjoys playing catch and frisbee, meeting new people, and going swimming!

6 weeks old
Photo Credits: Lindsay Elcombe
Photo Credits: Lindsay Elcombe
Photo Credits: Lindsay Elcombe

After being apart of the Tin Star family for the first 2 years of her life and raising her own beautiful litter of pups, Mary, now “Miya”, is doing incredibly well with her new owner, Krystal! She enjoys frisbee, rally, hiking, and swimming!

Photo credits: Krystal Trowle
Photo Credits: Krystal Trowle
8 weeks old
2 years old

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