Breeding a Litter: The Complete Book of Prenatal and Postnatal Care

From the Back Cover:

Breeding a Litter: The Complete Book of Prenatal and Postnatal Care is the most up-to-date and inclusive guide to breeding, whelping and placing puppies. There is a focus on making the most of the “breeding experience” in order to produce puppies who are physically and emotionally sound and go on to enjoy life and enrich the lives of the humans around them. This book contains the all-important basic knowledge necessary to serve as a foundation for the reality of firsthand experience. A clear and commonsense format shows everyone who is thinking about breeding a litter how to create the best possible environment for dogs, puppies and owners alike.

Beyond the basics, author Beth J. Finder Harris gives detailed information on selecting breeding stock, neonatal care, puppy development, social conditioning, and also fully addresses the aspects of breeders’ responsibilities, contracts and puppy care instructions.

Purchase it on Amazon at: Breeding a Litter: The Complete Book of Prenatal and Postnatal Care by Beth J. Finder Harris

The Border Collie: A Vet’s Guide to Care for Your Border Collie Dogs

The Border Collie is an incredibly bright, intelligent and loyal dog and he has become a favourite not just with farmers but with families all over the world. If you’re thinking about getting one of these very special dogs, this book will tell you everything you need to know. It’s been written by Gordon Roberts, an experienced veterinarian who runs eight successful veterinary clinics around the UK. Gordon has made sure to include a wealth of useful advice and information on this unique breed. In the book, you’ll learn:

– All about the Collie’s unique personality and temperament
– The history and origins of the Collie, and how this affects its behaviour
– Vital questions to ask yourself before choosing this breed
– How to tell an ethical Collie breeder over an unscrupulous one
– How to choose a good-natured puppy from a litter
– Essential things to know about caring for herding dogs like the Border Collie
– Specific health considerations for this breed
– Proven ways to train your Collie, from puppyhood into adulthood
– Fascinating information such as body language, pack leadership and socialization
– And much more!

Purchase it on Amazon at: A Vet’s Guide to Border Collies

The Perfect Stock Dog

In the Perfect Stockdog training DVD, Ben takes you step by step, day 1 through 30 of his training program.  He teaches a solid stop, flanks, there, walk-up and inside flanks moving systematically from a small rectangular pen to the pasture.  He starts a dog quietly and effectively with a slip collar and rope.  In this tape he uses cattle start to finish.

When you grasp the beauty of Ben’s training philosophy and technique, and are able to apply it to your own dog, you will have a dog that breaks out nicely, stops on command, knows what “easy” means as well as “get out.”

Some folks believe he starts out teaching a drive.  He does not.  He starts out teaching the dog, “Down, stop, whoa, come by, away to me, there, get out, easy, walk up and that’ll do.” Your finished product will be able to use these commands to fetch or drive.  This is a pretty intensive training program.  Your dog must be old enough, have work and “want to.”  It doesn’t matter what type of stock you use to train with – sheep, goats, cattle.

How your dog works in a small pen or on 100 acres is the same.  Ben believes in starting them right with a concrete foundation on which to build with working experience.

We receive many comments from individuals about how they have been able to start their dogs by following this tape step by step.  Put a solid foundation on your dog that will enable you to make the most of your “Perfect Stock dog.”

Purchase Ben Means’ DVD or book at: The Perfect Stock Dog

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