Sex: male

Coat: medium-shorthaired and traditionally marked with a full white collar, a white stripe and two dots on his hips

Size: medium

Temperament: Tony is a very sweet and curious little boy, and handled daily by children. I have started him on some basic training and learns very quickly. He is responsive and willing to please. Tony should be great as a working stock dog, agility/frisbee competitor, or family pet.

Registration: ABCA (American Border Collie Association)

Price: $625

Shipping estimate: $450 (varies with location, so please contact me for more information and availability)

Thanks for stopping by! Come on out and meet Tony soon 🙂

~Victoria Groves

Contact me at:



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10 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
image image image image
4 Weeks Old

image image image image

10 Hours Old
Puppy Birth Announcement
Puppy Birth Announcement


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